by MC Freeman

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Welcome to PAYPAL HYDRO: a whirlwind of vocal harmonies, brash rap lyrics, and groovy instrumentation. At the eye of the storm is MC FREEMAN, a whip-smart young rapper with a voice of gold and an ear for melody. Above it all is TYLER STARK, a talented audio engineer with a newfound gift for hip-hop production. Together, the two have chopped samples, cut bass and guitar, and layered vocals to create the world of this album, a slightly surreal (but always funky) experience.

These tracks are made of 100% grade-A certified sounds from Ohio, chopped and trimmed with care. Some high-quality special effects have been peppered in, and the music is mastered to industry standard. In other words, this is some premium product. You PayPal us, we send you the Hydro. Turn it up loud, feel the vibe, nod your head, sing along. Whoa-oh-oh-oh.



released July 4, 2016

MC Freeman (Peter Vilardi)
Tyler Stark

AJI (Aaron Intrater) on Scattin
DJ on Vibin
DJ Microfiche (Aaron Intrater) on 1TB
Elon Musk on PayPal Intro
Joe Cox on Widdit, and it goes..., 1TB
Louis Salamone on Scattin
Mark Phillips on Widdit, and it goes..., 1TB
Mission Man (Gary Milholland) on 1TB
Pathos (Jacob Midkiff) on Rider 2.0
Tre Wright (Nathan Bodiker) on Widdit

Photo/deconstruction by Andy Erb
Re-deconstruction by Mark Phillips

Bonus cover art by:
Joe Cox
Jacob Midkiff
Mark Phillips
Nick Seman
Tyler Stark
Peter Vilardi

Recorded @ Moore-Russell Building, Room 402
Mixed & mastered @ Tyler's parents' house

All tracks produced, recorded, performed, mixed & mastered by Tyler Stark & Peter Vilardi

© dild Recording Company, 2016



all rights reserved


MC Freeman Columbus, Ohio


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Track Name: PayPal Intro (feat. Elon Musk)
(Elon Musk)
PayPal should be where all the money is


(PayPal Hydro TEDTalk)
the fact is, if you want to revolutionize the way your product is moved, you've gotta rebuild your entire infrastructure from the ground up. you've gotta rebuild your brand, you've gotta change what your product means to people. sure, you call it "good good," but have you ever thought about calling it... "great great"?

i've been trying to innovate and change the game every single day. don't believe me? here are just a few examples:
Track Name: PayPal Hydro
feeling pretty faded on that PayPal Hydro
feeling pretty faded on that PayPal Hydro

hi, i'm feeling fly, yes, i'm feeling fresh
dropping digital dollars for that physical cess
helping me blow off steam, something like it when i'm stressed
like a motherfucking rider, man, Messiah in the flesh
you ain't know me, lil homey - get the fuck out the way!
coming up with funky-ass shit most every single day
me and my mans Tyler on the motherfucking beat
you ain't never heard of Hydro, lemme show you what i mean
yo, it's like
four in the morning, riding through the city
tryna buy a 40 but i only got a 50
i'mma take my raps back to the real nitty-gritty
and i ain't play the bassline with no motherfucking MIDI, it's real
come on! ¡vámonos! dropping knowledge like dominos
i can make the track go wherever i wanna go
and you know where i'm headed, man, straight to the top
got my mind on the grind, and i'mma shine 'til i drop, yo


cooking up the beats in the kitchen on the daily
chopping up the vinyl, cutting drums, going crazy
pack another bowl up before i hit the mic
say whatever shit i want until it's just right
and then we do the mix, adjusting the fader meters
hitting that sativa while we figure out a feature
but i ain't need a feature, nah, not on this track
this shit is so funky, i could motherfucking snap!
but that's not what it needs, i gotta just take it easy
build it up by degrees, so everybody believes me
when i say i can rap, but i ain't really care anymore
i ain't really gotta try to lay your jaw on the floor
so i ain't gonna do it right away, holing up 'til light of day
couple days later, it'll hit you like a tidal wave
voice in ya head gotcha singing along
and every part of the song your favorite part of the song
got ya

(chorus - repeat to fade w/ guitar solo)
Track Name: Scattin (feat. AJI)
skee-ba-dee-bop-bop, bop-a-doo-bah
motherfucker, you think that you fly?
bop-a-loo-bop, i'm scattin' all day
it's Freeman on the mic, now let me tell you what i say:

shhhh! just listen
i'm casually dropping freestyles iller than your prewrittens
whenever i be spitting, the shit is highly quotable
now what the fuck rhymes with quotable? whatever!
wherever i'm at, that's the place to be
you are now in the midst of a real MC
Freeman, to be exact, blowing semen every track
unleashing the evil demons when i'm speaking these raps
i be smoking on the chronic for some inspiration
'cause when i'm on the mic, i like to punch your face in
my style is impeccable, it's fire
meanwhile, your style leaves much to be desired (yuck!)
i been drinking, i been smoking every day of the week
so i'm thinking i'll be going so insane on the beats
rap a circle 'round the patzers that i meet in the streets
and don't you even ask me how i be in the sheets, sex


yo, ayo, i got no equal
verse 1 rocked, so it's needing a sequel
one day, i'mma be rapping in front of far more people
meanwhile, your rhymes suck like the Star Wars prequels
phantom menace, i can get it anytime that i want
getting crazy with my lady from the back and the front
head to open mic night, see me rapping my poems
you on the microphone, i swear that it's attack of the clones
homey, i been doing this a couple years
you guilty of biting styles by a jury of your peers
why don't you go sit down at the bar and have a couple beers
and maybe take some shots? - take this advice from pops:
i'm hot, you not, that's just the way it is, sorry!
now hit the skids, kid, or i'll eat you like calamari
it's Peter Vilardi, McFly like Marty with the flow
i been scattin' on the mic, but y'all already know

skee-ba-dee-bop-bop, bop-a-doo-bah
motherfucker, you think that you fly?
bop-a-loo-bop, i'm scattin' all day
it's AJI on the mic, now let him tell you what he say:

baruch atah adonai!
pass me the basketball, gon' dunk up in the sky
skee-ba-dee-bop-bop, bop-bop, yup
hey! finna cross you up
double A-R-O-N J-A-C-O-B Intrater
yeah, that's me, i'm the perpatrator
the number-one suspect, 71 inches high
the greatest baller in the world, yeah, it's AJI!
skee-ba-dee-bop-bop, bop-bop, no lie
composing beats in the lab, Bill Nye the Science Guy
and we so fly
shouts out to the 419, 740, ride 'til we die

skee-ba-dee-bop-bop, bop-a-doo-bah
motherfucker, you think that you fly?
bop-a-loo-bop, i'm scattin' all day
AJI and MC Freeman on the mic like ayyyyy
Track Name: Widdit (feat. Tre Wright)
throw your hands to the sky widdit
pour the lean to the side widdit
motherfucker, who you vibing with?
motherfucker, who you riding with? uh, uh
one time for your mind widdit, yo
hit the blunt from inside the whip, yeah
motherfucker, who you vibing with?
motherfucker, who you riding with?

kick in the door on these lames
finally i made it into the game
but i guess i should've stayed in my lane
ain't shit the same... shit done changed
i swear to God i'll never let the money change me
but just who the fuck is the money gonna make me?
and i ain't tryna catch a baby with my baby
at least not yet, yo
how many chances should i take?
how many rappers could i break?
should i die before i wake
what else should i say on this mixtape?
why should people hear what i gotta say?
why not sit around and get high all day?
why not stay up 'til the light of day?
why do i piss my life away?


when the shit goes down (who's there?)
every time i turn around (who's there?)
and when i see the next life (who's there)
but really, though, right? who's there?
my god, my god, why have you abandoned me?
saw it all on closed-circuit camera, g
you saw what my father did to my family
and you ain't stopped shit from happening
ain't talked to you since i got to college
writing rhymes instead of copping knowledge
spent last night at the bottom of a bottle
i ain't exactly been a good role model
to Luka, Maria, and Thomas
ain't doing great, i just gotta be honest
so i'm gonna go for a ride
blowing my smoke out the passenger's side

...Tre Wright!

(Tre Wright)
i don't even really smoke weed
but i just hit the blunt first time in a week
now i'm down on my knees, head in my hands
praying up to God, thinking He might understand
like i know You got a plan, but i'm really stressed out
do have faith, but i got a lotta doubts
wanna be great, God, please help out
banging all these women, is it really what i'm 'bout?
is it really what i'm--?
nah, remember back in the tenth grade
getting teased, saying "he ain't never get laid"
went off to college and gave into the pressure
now i'm wishing that it's something i woulda saved
so i pray to God...
but, too late
got a number in my phone that i just hit up
now i'm back to my ways, damn

you riding with me!
Track Name: Vibin
Track Name: and it goes...
and it goes... (x7), yeah
and it goes... (x7), yeah

hey, what's going on? been gone for a minute
had to take my time, but now it's back to business
for all my sins, i pray the Lord forgiveness
as God is my witness, i am the illest
motherfucker in the game right now
only i ain't got a lotta fame right now
only two dollars to my name right now
but you see me all up on the mic like wow
now, i don't like to brag and i don't like to boast
but i'm the flyest motherfucker on the Midwest Coast
and when i ain't rapping, i tell a lot of jokes
but the punchline is, i just do it to cope
so goddamn broke, can't afford medication
and fuck no, i ain't trying meditation
oh, i don't know anymore...
i don't know anymore


here we go, fortified, 33 and 45
MC Freeman all up on the microphone recording live
spending every single night sleeping on a mattress
sampling math rock, then dropping it for the masses
insurance is Catholic, practically nonexistent
visions of my father, only increasing distance
my siblings need solace, i need my wallet
to be full of polly so i can survive this
call my girl up on the phone, tell her that i'm coming home
reconnect with family and maybe get some time alone
and nap a lil while, while i'm at it
try to feel refreshed before i get back to Athens
graduation's coming, what in the fuck happened?
sitting 'round blinking, shit, time's passing
but it ain't over, not 'til it's over
it's just that i been getting older...

(chorus x2)
Track Name: Rider 2.0 (feat. Pathos)
all right
Tyler Stark on the motherfucking beat

every damn day, a motherfucker riding
throw ya hands high, if you feel the vibing
cop the PayPal, pass around the lighter
sipping my Corona, i'm a motherfucking rider

walk up in the spot like a rhythm up in the pocket
steady popping them optics straight up outta they sockets
talk the talk and walk it up, got me rolling like
burritos out the taco truck (what?) never mind
there ain't no motherfucker fresher than i
postgrad bullshit got the pressure on ice
so now we live and direct from Moore-Russell
back for more hustle, keep it wavy like we Lays and Ruffles
*crunch!* yeah, i'm steady eating
i'm steady riding, steady disbelieving
ain't misbehaving, i'm just rephrasing
yeah, dawg, i'm riding, so fucking amazing


wrap the work in Reynolds Wrap and seal it with a Ziploc
feeling like i'm Hitchcock, psycho when the disk jockey
playing my tracks, i ain't been saving my stacks
i'mma blow 'em on a couple bottles, matter of fact
see, 'cause PayPal Hydro got 'em foaming at the mouth
PayPal Hydro like the Sermon on the Mount
PayPal Hydro far as the eye can see
PayPal Hydro got 'em wishing they was me
young Vilardi be snapping, up on the mic i be rapping
dress to nines and i'm dashing, you know them speakers be slapping
grap a six-pack of 'Ronas, lime, bud, and lighters
all together got me feeling like a motherfucking rider


back in the States, decapitating, accoladed, i'm agitated
acid-faded, blazing, raising hell, i'm past amazing
macking maidens, half my haven, get a affadavit, back up
(skirt!) Pathos be that last Brit Invasion
smoking on that PayPal Hydro (yeah)
straight up on that Africa, Toto flow
i got my reins back (uh), if you wanna face facts (uh)
didn't catch the reference, better get it on the playback
(woo!) 'cause you know you'll listen, bliss and blitzen, have a stench of
fifth dimension, if you dissing, kiss the fist i'm clenching
stick it up ya miss's unmentioned, sniff it
i'm penny-pinching for a T-Bell dish and Baja Blast to quench it
(damn!!) bitches!

(chop w/ ad-libs)
Track Name: 1TB (feat. DJ Microfiche & Mission Man)
1 terabyte on my Dropbox
$9.99 a month got me backed up
save my data to the cloud, i be storing ya
all praises due to server farm in California
i'm packing up the Hydro online
sell it to my people for that free.99
then i use it to record my rhymes
another mixtape, then it's back to the grind
only got two shifts this week
just how the fuck am i supposed to eat?
they say money never grows on trees, and you best believe
that's the truth, college ain't loving the youth (yo)
so i'm hustling my songs on the side
tryna make a living off that PayPal Hydro
...wait, who the fuck is that?
don'tcha know it's Freeman on the motherfucking track

who that nerdy motherfucker on the block?
lil Peter Vilardi, he got that pro Dropbox
stashing data all up on a hard drive
all of my files are so organized
i got the data to back up my shit
on that triple-double with no assist
fuck do you think who this is?
dog, i can handle my biz, oughta stop with that shit
motherfucker, you know i been steady wilding
meanwhile, you steady tripping like you on that psylocibin
or else you done caught the white lightning
popped a few sugar cubes, visions so frightening, aight, then
maximum security, password protected
too damn fresh, in the flesh, manifested
highest definition on the masters
play the track out loud like your phone's a ghetto blaster

(DJ Microfiche)
2 to the 40th power byte
approximately a thousand billion bytes
roughly 1000 gigabytes
and i'm talking about my terabyte
it's a trap for miles, where i store all my files
my data i've compiled in my Dropbox
gee, it's really great, automatic update
the quickest bit rate in my Dropbox
call me the Microfiche, i'm off my leash
i'm cooking up quiche in my Dropbox
gotta go out my way, there's something i got to say:
PayPal Hydro every day in my Dropbox

got the data on my Dropbox
got a hella lotta WAVs and
paying $9.99 a month, it's
not for free
need the highest data rate 'cause
i'm a G, yeah

(Mission Man)
a terabyte is a lot of info
for the brain to process in slo-mo
but if you flow algorhythmically
you will see multi-tasking at its best
compressed more efficiently than would allow, leave a little doubt
defray so you don't have riddle clouds that trickle down
the fickle clowns dropped in the box to create the blocks
you control who has the key
so you can be worry-free when it comes to insecurities
get pure with me, yeah, knock out the malware
this is the burden that i shall bear
to make sure the message gets out there
uncorrupted, not interrupted
encoded to the highest standards
for the Jupiter landers and the next-gen playas
pure data on every layer
and i don't need caffeine to pull an all-nighter
because i'm a lifer, you can kick back
with the tracks captured like wax on the 45
but there's more to life than can be stored up there somewhere
a terabyte just isn't enough to hold my love
you gonna need infinite storage
so open your arms to give in to it more with
each stream and byte, keep dreaming right
keep dreaming right
keep dreaming right
keep dreaming right