Hydraulic Diabolic

by MC Freeman

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released April 8, 2017



all rights reserved


MC Freeman Columbus, Ohio


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Track Name: Hydraulic Diabolic (feat. Big Cig)
(Hook: MC Freeman)
sunshine thru the shades
push push move 2day
big house w/ the palisades
outside sippin minute maid
hydraulic on the motorway
bodyguards in the motorcade
diabolic in the getaway
getaway getaway
hydraulic hydraulic diabolic diabolic
hydraulic hydraulic diabolic diabolic
hydraulic hydraulic diabolic diabolic
hydraulic hydraulic diabolic diabolic

(Verse 1: MC Freeman)
push it push it push it ya u know the deal
how the fuck i'm s'posed 2 feel?
BITCH still ain't got no record deal
all up on ya street stack 100 mil
hit my cell bitch i'm prolly gone
all up @ the bars rollin w/ the SQUAD
rollin up the brats & ya that backwoods
ha motherfucker know i rap good
uh hittin the blunt & the 40
motherfucker do not know me
i got the Colt 45 bitch ya ain't no 40
shootin the shots out the window
blowin the smoke out the window
in the whip hit the indo
i'm playin Nintendo

(Ad-libs: Big Cig)
uh evil
bitch i'm evil watch out
bitch i'm evil look around
look behind u bitch watch out

(Verse 2: Big Cig)
i'm evil sinister when i administer
drogas got me floatin down the river
down the nile down the tigris
why u shoppin in the aisles for toilet paper?
Euphrates all these ladies
lately i been sippin Perrier
portrait of Dorian Grey eatin fish filet
ageless i create a new flavor that you'll never taste
diabolical palm trees lookin tropical
fax machine u copyin
burnin leaf like a floppy disk
sniffin magic shit i'm off of it